Scroll to entry smoother scroll?

If and when you use workflow to Scroll to (an) entry of a repeating group, can that change that effect, speed of it?

Found it!


Animate the scrolling :heavy_check_mark:

Hey @another - did you find a way to slow down the animation speed? Thanks

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Good question!

The only thing i would are those two states, either animate or not (the checkbox); animate makes it slower.

Would you like to make ti more smoother? On one hand that would be really great, but let’s say you have 30 entries to scroll down, depens on the speed, could be sometimes boring, not to mention if you have more to scroll upon.

What about focusing on the space between the tigger click and workflow action that animates the scrolling effect? That space between the two - to make it smooth as possible, then let Bubble (animation) to make their own thing.

The further question here would be; why you want to make it slower, the animation? (As I haven’t found the way how to slow the animation in this case).

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