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Scrolling and Next/Previous Repeating Group Navigation

Click on the shelf icon to access the pop-up I need help with:

I have two repeating groups for the exact same list. Top is 1x1 fixed, bottom is a horizontal scroll. I basically want to navigate through the list in 2 ways:

  1. Scroll horizontally through the bottom repeating group.
  2. Click to next and previous images on the display above.

The tricky part is making them sync. I want to be able to click a cell (an image) from the bottom scroll and have the top display it. I’m able to make the click and display work, but it throws off the data source for the top when I want to use the next/previous buttons again - I think I’m close but the sort order seems random when I go back to the next/previous buttons. Help please!


When you submit a shelf to your database - you could associate a numerical value to each shelf; (Shelf 1…2…3…4 etc) then you can sort the bottom horizontal group, by the numerical value (lowest to highest).

Then when you click a cell in the horizontal group - it can display the appropriate cell in the (1x1), as well as have a corresponding numerical value associated with it; then program your “next” button to display “previous cell” (once again referring to the cells numerical value, in relation to its position in the database)

  • Right now it seems like that next button for your 1x1 is just randomly selecting a shelf…

That may not be the solution. But it is a thought.
Consider reproducing the scenario in the forum app - so that other users can speculate more accurately, using your actual syntax.

  • Its hard to construct a solution with only the visuals…

Cool Jar logo, by the way.


Yes yes yes! That suggestion really helped me organize the list and instead of using the “show next/previous” actions, I was able to just display data and restrict with rank # + 1 and rank # - 1. Ah, so thankful for your help, @jordanfaucet. Many thanks.

I’ll pass on the logo compliment to my client. Thank you!

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@romanmg I tried to see what was happening here as we are having a similar problem, but when using a popup. I guess your two repeating groups are both on the same page, not on the page and in a popup??