Scrolling Boundary Issue -

Hi everyone,

I’m having quite a strange issue with my app which I am struggling to isolate.

On every page of my app there’s an intermittent issue where the page will not stop scrolling at the top or bottom of the page, you are able to just continue scrolling and it creates white space at the top or the bottom.

Video example…

21 July, 2021 - Screen-Recording-2021-07-21-at-115309 - Watch Video

Only seems to happen at random times in Chrome, other browsers don’t seem to do it. It’s happening on every page on my site at at the moment

I’ve tried turning off all plugins, browser extentions and can’t seem to track the issue down, if anyone has any ideas it would be super appreciated!

Thanks, James.

Oh wow! That is super weird, I don’t have a clue but good luck!:crossed_fingers:

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