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Scrolling/charging results as bubble forum topics list does

Hi everyone,

We have a large quantity of data (products, about 600) and filters refining the results.

In order to avoid to charge the full list, is there a way to have the same scrolling/display system as this forum? -> first 20 results are displayed and the next 20 are sent to the page when the user scrolls down.

Thanks for the help!

I don"t think it’s possible.
A feature for lists like :X first results would help but it doesn’t exist (yet ?). Because I’d image something like a button “Show more” with increment X so your user load more results in full list mode.

If you make the repeating group in ‘infinite scroll’ layout, it will do this. The difference is that the scrolling happens within the elements, and we don’t add elements and make the element higher (we could add that at some point though), but the current system should be pretty close to what you have in mind.