Search amongst missing search parameters and missing data

Hi all, hi @J805 ,

Next question! I am trying to do a search using the Search & Autocorrect Plugin.

I am searching amongst Info Points. I need the venue field of the Info Points returned to always match the Venue Data type of the page I am on, and always to match the Room in the dropdown if the dropdown isn’t empty.

The Info Points in some cases will have empty fields for both venue and/or room.

When I choose ignore empty constraints I want that to mean “empty” in my search parameters (in this case when a room is not selected in the Dropdown) but it seems to be picking up Info Points that don’t match the venue (my main constraint and the one that should always apply) if the venue and/or room fields of the Info Point is empty.

I feel like I am so close but I think I am missing the logic of something.

Thanks for any tips/guidance.

ok so I managed to get this working using filters to filter out those Info Points with no value in the venue.

However I have 2 problems still. Screenshots below.

  1. The Search and Autocorrect doesn’t seem to update when I change the room in the Dropdown (it still shows results based on the first Dropdown value selected). I have tried to reset the data in the Group in which the Search and load the room into a custom variable each time the dropdown is amended and use that in the Search and Autocorrect Search but to no avail. The only way the search recognises the change in the Dropdown is if the search textbox also changes.

  2. The second issue is more strange in that after certain results are displayed some of the buttons on the page don’t work (e.g. back button, search again) whereas others do (e.g. Home). I wonder if it there is some part of the search not completing. Any thoughts on what might be causing this or how to test? IT also appears to be inconsistent as sometimes it doesn’t recreate when I seem to follow the same steps.

Thanks again,

Hey @2020travelapp :wave:

Glad you were able to figure out the first part. Let me take a look inside your app and see if I can find anything that might be causing these issues. :+1:

Just an idea, maybe when the dropdown is changed, you can reset the Search & Autocorrect input. There is an actual workflow for this too. That should reset it for you. Maybe for a work around for now :man_shrugging:.

For the elements not working on the page. Try using the debugger and see what it says. If that doesn’t work, do an inspect on the element to make sure it’s not disabled or anything.

Let me know if that helps. :blush:

Ughhh I was looking for a reset on the object and didn’t find it hence trying to do it on the group. Now I found it and it works either doing it when the search runs or when the dropdown is selected.

I think I also figured out the other issue, it was about how I was accessing the page and the fact that the back button didn’t have anywhere to go back to it. I think as the page would be accessed in live it isn’t happening

Hopefully that is it. Thanks again Jason. Will let you know if there are any more issues but hopefully we are there now


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Awesome :clap: Sounds good. Glad it worked out. :blush:


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