Search and autocomplete crashing

I’m trying to use the Search and Autocomplete plugin to return “partial” text matches on my database. I’ve tested it on a database with 1000 entries and it works fine. See below:

Screenshot from 2020-11-10 12-21-28

The search is fast, returns partials matches to the search term, and the number to right of the search box is the number of matches to the search term. Great!

However when I use a bigger database, with an identical structure, but 11 000 entries the
searhc doesn’t work at all. The search count is 0, and the page eventually crashses after a minute. See:

Screenshot from 2020-11-09 13-02-24

Is this a limitation with bubble, or the plugin? I’ve tested this on different machines, browsers and OS and the page always crashes. Not my browser.

I’ve also checked dev tools

and as you can see the search gets loaded at the beginning of the page. Is the implementation of “Do a Search for” fundamentally at fault here?

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