Search and Count within date range(Solved)

I have the following table named: cutting orders

20 BLUE BAGS 10-MAR-18-01
10 RED BAGS 10-MAR-18-02
30 YELLOW BAGS 10-MAR-18-03
15 GREEN BAGS 10-MAR-18-04


5 PURPLE BAGS 11-MAR-18-01
19 OXBLOOD BAGS 11-MAR-18-02
23 YELLOW BAGS 11-MAR-18-03

When I create a new row inside the table I want bubble to automatically put as reference the following format:

today’s date-01 then for next order today’s order-02

So each day I basically want the program to find how many orders have already been created today, do a count on this and if it’s lets say 3 orders already been inputed in the system for today then the next order to have an automatic ref todays-day-04

Is that possible?


Here’s a sample of how to do this:

And some screenshots of the main part:

I haven’t tested the actual date stuff, but you can probably figure out any mistakes I’ve made.


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Fantastic, thanks so much!

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