Search: Applying a constraint

I have a 3 table invoice, application and leage.
and I want to search invoice by the leage. but leage field is not in the invoice table leage field in the application table and application field in the invoice table.
I invoice have a meany application.
I want to search invoice by the leage How can I do that?

Then add leage field with a type leage in the invoice table, this will connect the table with each other.

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You can (and maybe should) consider doing what @yamada.shoji99 suggested. If you don’t want to go that route, you will need to add an advanced filter to your data source, and that filter might look something like this.

Keep in mind that advanced filters happen on the client (browser) side, so there could be a performance impact if a lot of invoices are returned as part of the search and then have to be filtered on the client.