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Search, autofil to add, and display text labels which can be removed

I’ve very new to Bubble, and trying to figure this out as I go.

I have a Data Type called Groups, and another one called Events. I set it up so that if someone is on an event’s page, and click create an event it will create an event with with the Group listed to connect it back to what group created the event. I will later use this so the events will appear on each of the groups specific pages, but can also be displayed on a master calendar.

On the Create events page I want to make it so people can add and remove additional Groups incase there is an event with is being co-hosted. I was thinking it be nice if I could have a field which as people type it searched through the Groups already created in the Data Type “Groups”. I would then want them to appear as a little icon with x’s to remove them if you added one by mistake. The functionality is similiar to the attached image from an airtable(airtable you type where it says Find an option). Where you can search, autofil to add, and then click to remove each added item. Then of course these would be listed in the Events Data Type’s “Event-Group” field which I have setup as a List of Groupes.

Hello! I would be happy to help. Here are two videos from member of our community that walk through setting up autofil/autocomplete: video 1 and video 2 . This forum thread may also be helpful as well.

In regards to being able to remove items, you can set this up by setting up a workflow for the the element that displays the group name. This element should have a remove button that, when clicked, removes that group from the selected list and back to the autofill list. I hope this helps!

@ikenna.nicolas, Thank you! I’ll look through these and see if I can get it working.

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