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Hi All
I am a new bubbler and really keen to learn new things and found this community is fantastic and great help.

What I need to achieve is a service availability search
The client provide services in some parts of the London, the some parts is dependent upon Postcode ( UK). For example the N1.
I nee user to input the postcode in the page and click check availability. on clicking availability, I want to search the database and look into data type (service Areas) and tell me if the service area is covered by client, then the user should be redirect to order page. if the result not found, then should show a message “we do not cover this area now” please fill the form to get notification in future if we started to cover this area.

I am wondering how do I cover the above senario.

Can someone help me with process and workflow on this!




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Hi @sanjay,

How we check for availability will be dependent on what type of data is available on your Service Area data type. For example, does each Service Area have an address, or perhaps a list of available postal codes?

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Hi david
Thanks for the reply and yes
each service area will have list of available postal codes
I was thinking to make a data type called service area with fields, service name , postal code or even put them together in a zones (zone 1 , zone 2 etc and geo fence it. so, each zone will have list of postal codes).
so, i was confused, what could be the best and easy approach.
so, any input will be very valuable, to how can it be structured.

@sanjay no problem!

If we go with a Service Area type with a list of Postal Codes, you can trigger certain workflows based on a search that checks if any Service Areas in the database contain the user inputed postal code within their list of Postal Codes. Here’s an example of this: editor / run-mode

Let me know if I can clarify any of this!

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