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Search Bar stopped working :( helpp

Hi there, I posted about this before but it has not been resolved. I have a database including a search bar and drop down filters. Currently, the filters all work to update the search results, but my search bar is totally unresponsive! It was working before, but it would not work if the searchbox value was changed after the filters were selected. It would only work prior to filters. But now it doesnt work at all ??

I have the “do a search for” set to “any field contains search boxes written text” (this worked before to properly show results prior to applying filters) and the work flow is “when search boxes value is changed, display list in RG search results” with the same “do a search for” rules applied. I also tried doing this with “when the search icon is clicked and seach boxes value is not empty”

I’m also suddenly having problems with search right now. My searches, which previously returned Count of 0, now return Count of -1…which should be impossible, right?

As a temporary fix, you can change the condition to <=0 and that seems to work for me.

unfortunately this has nothing to do with my original question.