Search bar with propositions in a repeating group : how to hide cells when empty?


I have this search bar, when its being filled, a repeating below it offers propositions to help the user.
I have 3 cells in this repeating group, my problem is that when a user type something and there is only 1 proposition, the space of the 2 others cells of the repeating group is still visible…
For example, type Paris, and you will see the space of the 2 others cells that I want to get rid off.

I searched on the forum but couldn’t find how to do it. (ext. vertical scrolling does a lot of proposition and I only want 3, and I tried to do a group inside the repeating group that collapse but it don’t work).
Does anybody know what I should do ?

Thank you very much

PS : the app is public, I think you can access it there :

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