Search box filtering with dropdown

Hoping someone can help with an issue I am having setting up a search page for my database

The goal is to have the end user select a brand from the dropdown then input a product lot ID number associated with that brand in the search box below. once they hit search they are taken to that lot ID’s dynamic display page.

The Brand filter is needed since some brands may have overlapping lot id’s

When i try to add a “created by” constraint to the search box I am unable to select the dropdown input due to being an “incompatible type”.

Not sure how this should be structured to be able to connect the two:

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are the brands user generated or a set amount that you put in the system?

we have set the brands as static and plan to update the list of brands each time we add a new brand as a client.

Is the Created By field of type User or type Brand? If you have brands in the database then you need to do a Search for Brands where the brand name = the dropdown’s value.

then set up an option set of “brands”

you can add multiple brands, each one you add, the name will be the display, unless you add more fields to it.

data type “lot ID”
id# (text)
brand (opt set)

the brand dropdown will be dynamic, types of choices option sets “brands”, choice sources all brands

then when a lot is created , you need to associate which brand it is supposed to be, so when you use the filter, it will only display the lot numbers that have that brand

are you creating lot ids too or us that user genereated?

you can also make an admin page for yourslef where you can add brands as new things. so your database would look like this

name (text)

–lot id
id# (text)
brand (brand)

so when you create a brand on your admin page, you give it a name. then when a lot of created, you associate that lot with a brand using a dropdown, or if brands have a page, and a lot is added to that page, give it a workflow that associates that lot with that brand