Search by distance Combined with Item search

Hello Bubblers!

I have a datatype called Item.
Its fields are: Item Name and Item location

I have two search boxes, one for item name and one for item location. The item location search also has an additional number input that allows the user to search for items in a radius.

For example,

In my item title search I will put: Car
In my item location search I will put: New york, + 10 miles

So i will now have a list of cars within a 10 mile radius of new york.

Any ideas and pointers on how to go about doing this?


What did you tried? For me it’s a basic constraint in Do a search function.
Title.contain input field
Location is around distance input field value of location search field value. Be sure to use correct type in your input value

Sorry, I should have clarified, I’m using fuzzy search and didn’t know how to search by location as it is not an option in the fields to search for. I think fuzzy search only works for text fields?

Im not very familiar with fuzzy search sorry

Thats okay!

I have managed to search for the item title and have got that working with fuzzy, just need to find a way to combine it with the location and distance!

Thank you for your suggestions, I will play around with fuzzy for a little more and if I cant do it I’ll try out your method, many thanks!

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