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I am building a Search for…

I am searching for a type of variable with several fields. One of them is another variable I have built with several other fields.

For example

Type1 VarA (field1 text, field2 Varb )

Type2 VarB (field1 text, field2 number)

How can I do the search for the variable Type1, based on the field2 of the Type2?


If I’m following correctly:

Search for VarA with a constraint: field2= VarB (if you know which VarB in your database)


Search for VarA with a constraint: field2= Search for VarB:first item, where the Search for VarB has a constraint: field2 = input? or a value you know?

If you want, you can share a link to provide more context too :slight_smile:

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Actually, it wouldn’t work for me because I need the whole list of VarB found. I am not being able to provide a link eheh! But I will try with an example.

Let’s say there is the variable ShoppingList the has several fields, for example List of Items, Date, Place and there is the variable Place that has several field, for example Name, Address, OpenedNow, etc

I want to search for ShoppingLists where the Place’s OpenedNow is “yes”

How can I do it?

Thank you

Then you’d do “Search for ShoppingList: Constraint -> Place is in Search for Places: Constraint -> OpenedNow = yes”

That would return a list of ShoppingLists whose Place can only be found in the constrained search for Places.

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Great! That worked, thank you!

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