Search by string similarity or detect similarity [ help ]

Hi :slight_smile: I hope you’re doing as fine as you can.

I am struggling today with something that seems complex to achieve within Bubble.
I am creating a multi-account detector based on different data, and I would like to check whether another user is registered with something similar that the current user’s email.

For instance, if my current input is “” and if my database contains “”, I would like to trigger an action.
And I need this to be achieved in the backend, potentially on a big database.

I know there’s a way to achieve this using code, and then get a dictionary with the different matches and the similarity percentage, but in Bubble …? :confused:

Any ideas? Maybe @J805 or @johnny ?

Cheers :beer:

Maybe you can try an API like this one?

This is what I would try.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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