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Search can't differentiate between Upper and lower case

I am having a input A whose job to search if a word is taken by a user, it search the word in the Airtable table. But it can’t differentiate between Upper and lower case eg. ‘Apple’ and ‘apple’, according to it both are different but it’s not.
How to solve it ?

commenting for reach

Hey man, I did this using some regex that I got from this forum. I can’t access my system right now. I’ll paste that regex string here in the morning


Hi @siddharth ,

Take a look at the Plugin Quick Find Search (here is the Plugin page ). You can accomplish Upper and Lower case searching (e.g., apple or Apple or aPple) as well as allowing typos (e.g., apple or paple or appel).

Let me know if you need any help. :slight_smile:

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@fabrice.latour04 Can it work with airtable ?

Hi @fabrice.latour04 !

Very interesting plugin. Quick question. How will the plugin handle lists (size) beyond what the fuzzy search plugin handles? It is said that fuzzy search only handles lists of about 250 entries adequately. How large a list can this new great plugin handle?

Hello @cmarchan,

Very good question. This Plugin uses several optimizations that enable it to handle very large lists or objects with multiple fields.

Here is an example I made for another Bubbler searching through a DataBase of 10k and 58k entries, and the search still remains instantaneous.

You can also test it here on 47k phrases or 58k words

Feel free to reach out to me for questions, report bugs, or request features!

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With this Plugin you can use external API data as the Data source (i.e., Get data from an external API will work).

If you use the built by Bubble Airtable Plugin you will be able to search the data if you setup your Data source as your airtable table (e.g., Data source: Airtable:Table 1 and Searched field1: Airtable:Table 1.Field1)

Feel free to reach out to me for questions

Hi @maheshkasindi,

Can you share your regex string?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @bart
My search setup is quite different. I’m using an input field to search and displaying results in a floating group.


Clarification: “Keywords for search” is a field in “Restaurants” datatype. I’m aggregating data from all the searchable fields into this field and using it to search.

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