Search Constraint Using 2nd Table

As it stands the user does a search in a Search Input box and the results are returned in the Post RG.

No problems with that.

What I’ve then done is in the Post Table I’ve placed a LOT (List of Things) PostPuff, which is linked to the Puff Table: PuffPost.

When the Current User is browsing the results from the Post RG there is a Puff Icon which if the user clicks it sends a Create A New Thing to the Puff Table. This new row in the Puff Table is to say ‘The next time I view the search result hide this post from my results.’

My problem is:
When I go back to the Post RG I can’t figure out how to Set The Field in the Post RG to say:
Look at Puff Table to see if the Current User has asked not to see any of the results.

Can anyone assist me with that?


I’m not sure I totally understand your question but it sounds like you can: add a state to Puff Table. When you Create a New Thing to the Puff Table, save this value to Puff Table’s state. Then, when the user does their next search in the Input box, filter the search values to not include results equal to Puff Table’s state.

Hope that helps!

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