Search_CurrentUser_Location Errors ONLY in Prod

Hi all,
I have a weird thing going on. In my test environment my geolocation services are working fine. However, when I push it into Production it stops working.

My home page has a header where you type in a geographic address into a search box. Once you click search it takes you to a search page. The search page receives the input from the search box. I have a repeating group below that displays the results.

If the user doesn’t enter a location in the search box and clicks search anyways, I have a condition where it grabs the current users geolocation so the repeating group can be updated.

All of this works perfect In test BUT nothing works in prod…

Any Ideas?

Went to inspect the repeating group and it has the following note on it:element has been modified by an action, the data source property above is therefore not applied


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