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Search database if value is yes or no and fill in value

i’m confused i’m trying to make a change to a things compatibility

for that i search in database list of compatible devices i restrict it by brand name and brand model
and then look to the compatibility, if its yes, then it needs to fill in yes, if no, No

but bubble keeps the value empty


It seems like it does not grab the value inside the database

I’ll be honest the data structure seems like it could use some work, but after your Search for Compatible EV Chargerss try :count > 0 instead of your :first item

Maybe that would work? Because if your search returns at least 1 compatible charger than it would result in a yes

Also in your search you appear to have two constraints but both are searching the same field? Shouldn’t the bottom constraint be EV Brand Type?

hi @tylerboodman

this was the issue.
but what did you mean with :
ll be honest the data structure seems like it could use some work.

i’m new with bubble. so i want to learn a lot.

also, it used first item because if i filter on brand name and model type i should only get one


Sorry I was up late last night and that sounded really rude the way I worded it :joy:

If you want, send a few screenshots of your data types and their fields and I can take a look. I’m just curious. Maybe it’s fine since you have it all working how you want.

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