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Search fields in data type

i built tracking page with 2 inputs : name of applicant and tracking code ( this data is stocked before throught demand page ) . and ‘track’ button
i dont know what is perfect logic to use for workfolow when click track button ?
what i need is to do search with using entreted values on 2 inputs on datatype and find match tracking code and name then display result . And if there is no match display alert or other result
thanks all !!!

I’d create a page for showing the results of tracking and pass a url parameter with the tracking code here.

On this page, have a Repeating Group with the data set as Do a Search for myDataType and in here set the filter parameters as Any Field contains TrackingID from URL params

That should display all the relevant items that match the tracking ID.

Then add a condition on the Repeating group to only be visible when it’s number of items > 0
And display a text there saying ‘no items found’ set to be visible only when the number of items in the RG is 0.

That should do it!

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I use this functions . its works . now i’m trying to put this repeating groupe in same tracking page wthout creat new tracking result .
Thanks & Regards !!!

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