Search / Filter Functionality. Cross Table Request


I have a question regarding Search/Filter functionality

I have an option set which called Hours: Screenshot by Lightshot

The interface looks like this: Screenshot by Lightshot

So the point is to have an opportunity to select rooms by types. Additionally, if the user choose the date, then we need to filter all available rooms which have an free hours/time slots for specific date. If the room hasn’t available time option then the room shouldn’t be shown

I understand how to get rooms by type only and don’t know how to check available ‘Hours’ for specific date and return a Rooms which fit into this condition. Here is the way how I tried to do it: Screenshot by Lightshot

Could you help me with this, please?

On your option set you can give your Hours a field called numeral and input 0 for 12:00am and so forth all the way to 23 for 11:00 pm. Also you could give them a minute and input 60 for 01:00am and 480 for 08:00am and so forth. Then you will be able allow people to select a start time and end time when they are booking. Now if you add a conditional that a dropdown selection for time’s value extract hour or minute you can filter out the ones that are already booked within that range.