Search for a specific value in a list of texts to filter RPG

Hello! I am trying to get this filter to work. What I am trying to do have my repeating group filtered by using the “Search for” function to show medications needed to be taken only on that day. The days are saved as a “list of text” when the user selects from a Multiselect which days they need to take the medication, and those days save in the database as a “List of Texts” If for example only the word Wednesday is in the List of Texts by itself the filter works perfectly, however if they take the medication is listed in the List of Text as “Tuesday, Wednesday” or “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday” the search function no longer works properly.

I have been unable to figure out how to make this work where I can format the search to see if the specific day is in this list. Please see the setups below. Thanks for your help!
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Hi there, @allen.archuletajr… this reply probably won’t be all that helpful, but for what it’s worth, I did a quick test with the same setup you are showing, and it appears to work as expected, regardless of how many items are in the list of days. I have no idea why yours isn’t working, of course (maybe privacy rules because, well, why not), but I thought it might help to know that your setup does appear to work in theory.


Hello @mikeloc great to hear from you and thank you for always trying to help with my challenges. So it does work when Wednesday is the only item in the list, however, for some reason when there are additional days it for some reason it hides those medications. I checked the privacy settings and that doesn’t seem to be an issue here.


Yeah, it’s weird because I’m not seeing the same behavior with my example. I’d be happy to poke around under the hood if you want a second set of eyes on it. If that sounds good, shoot a link to the editor (via DM) my way.

Ok I even tried just typing the word Wednesday anot not using the date function and that didnt work either. I will send the link.

Just rounding out this thread… the items (days of the week) in the Days Taken list field weren’t actually being saved as a list, but rather they were being saved as one item separated by commas because the add operator was being used in the workflow instead of set list.

This one is a great example of how being able to poke around under the hood makes things so much easier. I know for a fact that I never would have figured out that the list field wasn’t actually a list by going back and forth in forum messages.

Anyway, good stuff, @allen.archuletajr, and I hope you’re all set on this one now.