Search for email in data entry and show image of the data entry if email matches

Hello :slight_smile:

I have a page where people can enter their contact details and a qr code - image is generated which contains their data. This is then their personal qr code which they always will use to enter a location. And I also have a scanning function to check the qr code at the site.

Now I want to implement a search function on my page which shows the personal qr code in case someone lost it.

I have one datatype in which I have just the email and the respective image (qr-code).

It should work like this:

If someone enters their email adress into an input field it will check the database for a match and then dynamically show the qr-image from that entry. (no login should be required)

I tried to solve this for 2 days now…and woud appreciate every help.

Thank you!!

Do you have anything put together that isn’t working, or just need insight as to how to do it?

You could just have an input field with a repeating group below it, the repeating group would search the data type that contains the email addresses and QR images, that does a search for that data type, with the constraint email contains input email’s value. Maybe display something if it’s not found?

Okay, first thing we have to detach the qr code from the data. Qr codes are only a visual way to display any type of data you want to visually store, keep in mind it’s a very small amount of data, usually text - example: user12983488934x82782372837

I would like to go deeper than just logging in a user from a conditional yes. I would like to show that you need to store the data linked to the user (user’s unique id). You can then get an api Free/Paid to both read and create qr codes with the information provided/needed, then query the database with do a search for user (using the unique id, email, slug, [whatever information you can link back to just that user]) scanned through the information on the qr code.

Additionally, but not very safe: You can log in any user account using conditionals by(If yes): Create a temp password for user > Log the user in (email) (password < temp password result) > Done, logged in. I alert you to problems that can occur if people duplicate someone’s qr code to gain access to sessions, which will not be stopped, because there’s nothing stopping them. One way to circumvent this is to create new random information whenever users are trying to access, and of course live rendering that information to a qr code and live decoding and backend verifying that’s the right information. With a date + yes/no set to limit the worflow.

Thank you! I tried this but somehow now image is shown. I have no clue where the problem is.