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Search for Field Uses Returns Results but Shouldn't

This doesn’t happen on every field that I search for, so it isn’t necessarily ‘reproducible’, and so might not get classified as a Bug, but it clearly is.

The screen shot shows an empty workflow step with no dynamic expressions being returned as a result of the field use search. I had to do this because I drove myself crazy trying to figure out why the ‘Zoom-Create Meeting’ step was getting returned despite not seeing the field used anywhere in it.

Had to test and remove all dynamic expressions and, yes, as above, it stills shows up in the search result.

This was figured out by Bubble support. Apparently the API call that was being returned as utilizing a field was in fact using it kind of. For some reason the call parameters had been set to private (not sure how that happened) but when originally setting up the call and using it in workflows the parameter was not set to private and had a dynamic expression to use the field searched for.

After the api call parameter was set to private, the dynamic expression remained and was recognized by bubble as a usage of the field, however, as seen in the screen shots originally posted, the api parameter set to private is not accessible in the workflow and therefore the field is not seen as being utilized.

When I removed the private setting on the api parameter, I was once again able to see in the workflow the dynamic expression using the field.

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Actually spoke too soon. Another instance of this so far (not searching every field, just a few I need to delete)

Support has said they needed to escalate it to their bug investigation team for their evaluation. Hopefully that evaluation comes back soon.


A Bubble engineer responded to me through email and explained the reason for the results during the search is that previously this text field :formatted as operator on the date took a dynamic timezone which used the searched for field. Because I changed the setting to use the current users timezone, I was unable to see easily the dynamic expression for the dynamic timezone setting. So despite using the current users timezone and not using the dynamic timezone the search function still finds it.

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