Search for Nonspecific Record

Hi, everyone:

I am having trouble doing a search on my Users.

Users have a field called Past Purchases which is set up as a List of Items, another data type.
Item has fields Item Name, Version, and Price.

I want to do a search on Users for people whose Past Purchases contain an Item where Item Name = Membership. I don’t care what Version is. I don’t care what Price is.

So I did a Search for Users which has a constraint Past Purchases contains Search for Item. Inside Search for Item, there’s another constraint Item Name = Membership. I then finish it off with a first item because Search for Item appears to be looking for one record.

But the search doesn’t work because it would return a list (as it should) unless I specify Version. I don’t care what value Version is since it could change over time. As long as Item Name = Membership, I am good, but it doesn’t seem to give me the option of searching for Item Name only.

Am I missing something?

Thank you.

Do a search for Items, who’s Item Name is Membership: each item’s creator: unique elements.

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