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I would like to create a FAQ page and have a search feature. However, in the FAQ page I would like to have a nice presentation with the rich text editor and eventually add a video to explain.

When using a RG, I cannot use the rich text feature when entering the information in the database field, it is just a block of text you can enter, no format. Is there a way to use the standard text field, where I can use the rich text editor and do a search on it on the whole page?

Or what is the best way to do a FAQ page with a search function?

Thank you

If you´re planning to develop something like a knowledge base (an extensive FAQ) maybe you should take a look at intercom, helpscout, wordpress, freshdesk or groovehq systems since they´re good at this and you don´t have to develop your own stuff.

Hi Ryanck, thank you for your reply.

This FAQ is to complete a website, so nothing extensive just simple but with the possibility to search in the FAQ content if possible.


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