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Search for Things Constraints

I am trying to do a search for a thing using the fields of an embedded thing.

So let’s say I have a thing of type A. And inside of A, I embed a thing of type B in a field called B_Thing. Type B has a field called “name”.

I want to do a search for all the A’s that have it’s = to an input field.

The constraint editor doesn’t allow me to pick past A.B_Thing (I want


Use a :filter instead of a constraint and choose Advanced.

You will be able to drill down into the embedded object ,

Hi Nigel. Thanks for the tip. Actually, the context was in the “and when” section of a button click even handler. So this doesn’t work exactly but I got it to work. Instead of using the two criteria for filtering the list I wanted to in the constraint, I first have to generate a return list using what I could in the constraints, and then filter the resulting list with the :filter advanced option to use the field of the embedded object to do the final searching to see if I have any matching objects.

This will make me re-think future data modeling. The “correct” way is to use embedded objects and lists of objects from an object/data oriented design perspective. However, the UI of constructing queries in bubble makes that somewhat convulted and cumbersome to create queries to yield the desired resulting datasets.