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My app is a job board which includes a list of jobs with the company logo beside each job. The jobs are displayed through a repeating group of type job. The logo is not a field on the job, but rather a user. I have created a field on the job called “Company ID” which pulls its value from the unique ID of the user who added the job. The logo in the repeating group Does a search for user’s(where unique ID = this repeating group job’s Company ID) logo. For some reason this doesn’t work. When I do the same search for (user’s name = this repeating group job’s company name), it works fine. I prefer to do it with the unique ID though, as matching names means there has to be an exact match, so a slight difference in spelling or spacing means the logo won’t show.

Hope that makes sense? Would anybody have any idea why this isn’t working?


You should do one better and just search by the Job’s Creator, since that User is already associated with the Job record. I assume the user in question here will always be the Job’s Creator.

Logo = Current cell job’s creator’s logo

If the user for the Job is not always the Job’s Creator, then just add a field to the Job that is type USER called “Owner” or “Manager” or whatever makes sense. Save the appropriate User to this field for the Job.

What you’re trying to do with finding Things with other Things’ IDs is actually handled by Bubble whenever you use a field that is the Type of one of your custom types. That field would link to the entire object rather than just a text string, which is way more useful.

Hope that makes sense!

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Thanks is much for this.

Unfortunately, I can’t do the Creator approach as I often upload jobs on user’s behalf on the back end.

I had tried the User approach also initially but couldn’t get it to work and I wasn’t sure how it would work with importing users via CSV. What would be the advantages of having a field of type User instead of the approach I’ve used?

Thanks again

What’s the disadvantage of moving the logo field to the job table? It makes more sense to me especially if you scale your operations later.

Was trying to avoid storing the image too many times and using storage, when the image is already stored. Is there a big advantage to storing it on the job?

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