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Search for with data nested in list?

Hi i have a question that i thought would be straight forward but can’t seem to get.

I have a thing as addresses. In those addresses I have a status (active, deleted, Old) but i have this status as a list to chose from ( so have another table) and in this table i have an attribute to go with this status that i was planning on using to know its the one that i have planed to display in the app.

The quick reason for this is i have users who have many addresses and those addresses might change over time but i do not want to write over the address but rather keep a reference to the old address. What i am trying to do is do a search for to display the current user’s, company’s, active address.

What i’m having a hard part is in the search for option i can not get bubble to let me select the nested field in the linked data field. See image below. I’ve tried to type “current” here one would cick to add the next input but that doesn’t work. I’ve even tried entering the Unique ID for that record in my table and that does not work either.

Here is a visual of my data table showing the status so you can see i’m trying to fetch the address in my table that has the address choice as Current.

I think there should be a way to do this and i’m probably just not looking at it right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @chris19,

I recommend you just use an option set for your Address Status choices. It’ll make this much easier for you. And then in your Address data type, replace the current Status field for a new one whose type equals the option set version.

When you do this search, you’ll be able to add a constraint that looks like Status = Current.

Right now, you’d need to set that constraint value to another Search (of Statuses) and constraint the search, go to the first item, etc. This is a perfect use case for the relatively new option set feature.

Take a look at this for more info: [New Feature] Option sets


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Thanks for such a fast response @romanmg this is perfect explanation and it works great so far for what i need. PS I’ve watched a lot your videos on the you tube thanks so much Keep up the good work!