Search function DOESN'T work


I am building some searchoptions for my forum application. I already made 2 dropdown filters so people can filter the forum posts.

The problem is, I wanted to implement a search function using an input and the plugin ‘Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete’ so that users can search posts by typing in some text, but it only works when none of the two other dropdown filters have a value.

But here is the thing, I want users to be able to search even when they have chosen a dropdown filter value.

Here are the conditionals of the repeating group:

When people choose an dropdown filter value, the data source of the repeating group changes and the ‘Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete’ plugin’s data source isn’t working anymore on the changed data source.

How do I make it so that the data source of the plugin still works on the changed data source that the dropdown filters cause? So that people can search by typing text even when they have chosen a dropdown filter value?