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Search function not working

Hi all,

So I am having issues getting search to work on my site. I just uploaded our database of customers. Now, I wanted to be able to search this data base so when I create new orders, I want it associated with that customer.

However, the search function isn’t working. Here is an example of the test:

That is the name of an actual customer, cut and pasted directly from the data base. But, there are no results that appear for auto fill, and hitting ‘enter’ does nothing.

Here is the set up that I currently have:

There shouldn’t be a need to add any other buttons, right?

Looks right. Do you have any constraints on the User list (when you click on modify list of users)? Could you share a link to your editor?

No, no constraints. However, we just moved our database around. Let me try again after redoing everything and pointing it to the correct new databases.

I am guessing that originally there was something wrong with the group that it is located it. Maybe ‘data type’ or something like that.

Coming back to this one. it isn’t working still.

I created a simple search box. It is searching for users. There are 4 users in the data base currently, all who have signed up through the app. When I search for one of the users, nothing shows up as an option to select. As Gaby suggested, I looked and there were no constraints.

I find this super interesting, because search in any of our databases does not seem to be working. Here is another example where search is set up as work flow and not returning results.

Thank you!

Could you share a link to your editor so that we can help figure out what’s going on? Or, perhaps, recreate this in the Forum App so we can see it there.

Hard / impossible for us to help without being able to look around to see what’s going on.

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Got this working. It was a permissions issue. Once we allowed certain none sensitive fields to be searched by anyone, it worked fine.

Thank you so much for your help, we really appreciate it!