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Search list with list

Any help with this search conundrum very much appreciated :grinning:.
I’ve got a data type called Job, which contains a field called job-type (list), which refers to an Option.
There’s another data type called Candidate, which also has a field called job-type (list) - refers to the same Option.
i.e. each Job can have multiple job-types ascribed to it, and each Candidate can have multiple job-types ascribed to it (candidates can do multiple job types, and jobs can be made up of multiple job types).

I want to create a repeating group search whereby I can search one list against the other. i.e. show all Candidates that have a job-type (a list) that is contained within the Job’s job-type (also a list).
Any ideas how I might do this?

Hi there, @simon17… do a search of the forum for examples of filters that use the intersect with operator. That operator returns like entries from two lists, so, if you do a :count > 0 on the intersect of the two lists, you should get the desired result.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks @mikeloc, that did the trick. I ended up finding a great video by @MattN on this topic: How to search for 'any matching items' in Bubble. - YouTube