Search Log's by User' Unique ID

I assume you mean search for ‘scheduled workflows’ by User’s unique ID (you already can search logs by User’s Unique ID)…

But yeah, some kind of search on the workflow scheduler would be handy for sure…

(although as a slightly longwinded workaround for finding scheduled workflows, you can search the logs specifically for ‘scheduled task to run’, and you can include User’s unique IDs in that search, to get the ID of the scheduled workflow, then just find it in the scheduler).

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How? :smiley:

Now I search for Log’s based upon the User’ Unique ID is to paste the ID to the url, and then searching for the couple of last same ID digits to be on the list below -.-

Where is the search input? :upside_down_face:

How? :smiley:

How what? How to search the logs? Or how to search scheduled workflows?..

As you’ve pointed out, you can’t search the scheduled workflows directly… but you can search the logs (on the server logs tab)…

Just put the user’s unique ID in the ‘contains’ box, and apply an advanced search filter to only show ‘Scheduled Tasks To Run’

Then you’ll see all scheduled workflows for that User, including the workflow ID…

You still need to manually find the workflow in the scheduler, but it’s much easier than trying to just find the Unique ID of the User…

tip: you can use your browser’s ‘find on page’ tool and enter the workflow ID directly in there to make it easier. Although to be honest, you could just do that with the User’s Unique ID on the workflow scheduler tab if you’re not looking for a specific workflow and the workflow has a User parameter.

In any case, it’s still a bit tricky to find - but easier than just manually looking for a Unique ID.

A search feature would definitely be helpful.

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Oh Adam!

You are great! You provided more than one solution here!

I thought the image, and the “Scheduler” page, would make it clear what I was referring to, i.e., scheduled workflows.

Sorry, new to the web app development stuff: smiley:

I don’t know how I haven’t tried before using the browser’s “find on page” tool. (THIS WORKS JUST FINE!)

I am an advocate of not doing “double work”, and here Bubble doesn’t need to add additional search. We can simply use the existing browser “search” for this very basic case.

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