Search not working - any thoughts?

My Search & Autocorrect field isn’t working and I’m not sure why. It was working at one point. Here is my setup.

Search input:

Search & Autocorrect settings:

Repeating group settings:

Am I missing something really simple?

Hey @plazatm :wave:

Some things to check:

Do you have any constraints on the Search for Accounts? Try removing them to see if it works.

Are there other Search and AutoCorrects on your page with the same name? Try renaming them to be different names.

Make sure the element is in the same group that the repeating group is in.

Just some thoughts. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hope that helps a bit. :blush:

So I created a new test page just to see if I could pinpoint the problem and there seems to be something going on with the database. You can see in this screenshot that the matches aren’t working, even though there is a result.

Hmm. Can you share a link to the test page maybe so we can take a look?

Also have you tried increasing the threshold?

Here you go. This is the test page I created but there are search inputs on many pages and none are working. They were working yesterday.


TRUESYNC | Bubble Editor

Hmm @plazatm Did you recently set up your privacy rules?

No, I haven’t done anything to privacy rules. I also tried reverting my code back to a time I knew it was working and it still didn’t work.

@plazatm Hmm. Maybe upgrade the plugin to see if that helps? I’m on version 1.10.0 and it seems to work.

Also try using only the one search field. I see you are using 2 and both are name. Maybe try removing the second one.

I just did a test page on my app and it worked perfect. :thinking:

I just tried that and v1.11.0 and still not working. I’m very confused about this. Maybe it’s a Bubble bug?

@plazatm I would normally say yes, but I know the search and autocorrect is notorious for being buggy. I always have issues with it too.

Try 0.6 for the threshold.

Also try version 1.10.0 instead and see if that helps.

These are my settings and it seems to work fine.

My only other suggestion would be to delete it and add it again. Maybe send a bug to @ZeroqodeSupport since it seems to be their plugin that might be buggy.

OK, thanks for the help. Glad to know it might not be me, I thought i was going crazy.

BTW - I’ll reach out for a coaching session. Thanks!

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@plazatm I think I figured it out. You have this ID on the search that shouldn’t be there:

It should only be on the input, not the search element. I think it was getting confused because two elements had the same name. Hope that helps. :blush:

@plazatm Let me know if that fixed it. The ID’s are almost always the culprit for me. :blush:

That didn’t work :confused: it’s strange…I guess I need to go back to the normal search function.

I have another bubble app I’m creating and it’s working fine. Not sure what the issue is but I did reach out to support. I’ll let you know what they say.

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Weird. Sounds good. Glad it works on another page. Not sure why it’s not working there. So weird. :man_shrugging:t2:

How many Search & Autocorrect elements are in your app?
This plugin runs on every page of your app even if the page is closed.
So if you have several S&A elements, their “ID Attribute” or “Inbox ID” may be the same and that is why you call from this searcher to another searcher with the same ID

Thanks, I just tried this as I did have my "ID Attribute"s set to the same text. I was hopeful this would solve things but it has not :frowning:

I’m still not able to setup any search with the Search & Autocorrect plugin. The regular Bubble search box works just fine though.