Search parameter list contains all items from a different list

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I’m trying to do a search with a parameter that one list must contain all items from another list (same content type). I thought this could be done with the “contains list” feature, but I can’t access that feature when I set a parameter (see below). Can you please help me figure out how to do this?



Am I right in thinking that this parameter is a being sent from one page to another in the URL ?

I think you can only send a single “thing” from one page to another, so this is why you are doing that as you want to send a list ?

Wonder if it might be better to create a temporary list on the user and send that. I suspect the parameter might not be considered a list. Although you might be able to convert it.

Maybe worth putting this in the forum app if you can ?

Actually I’m not sending anything from one page to another. The “favorite” data type “peerCategoryOptionList” is a list of “peerCategoryOption” and the User’s “peerFilterList” is also a list of “peerCategoryOption” … without trying to put in the forum app (it’s pretty disaggregated), in general terms do you know if I’m running into a limitation within Bubble or I’m just doing it wrong? I.e. doing a search where one of the fields (a list) of the data type i’m searching must contain all items of another list?

Thanks for the help!

Ah, sorry, confused by “parameter”.

I would have thought it would have worked. But not something I have done.

Okay thanks for the help. Anyone else?

If it’s not possible that way, the other way I was thinking was just to create multiple search constraints (see below). My only reservation here is that the peerFilterList can have anywhere from 0 to 6 items in it. How does the constraint work when there is no value in the constraining variable? E.g. if I do it this way, I’ll create 6 constraints. What if my peerFilterList only has 3 items in it? Are constraints 4-6 ignored?

Have you tried “contains list” ?

That would seem compare two lists.

Yes I have. The “contains list” feature isn’t accessible when I got to set my constraint

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You would need to do a :filtered / advanced.


Thanks so much! After hours of trying different things this was the solution to filter my repeating group!! :slight_smile: :heart:

In order to save resources, I would like to compare lists on the front end.

Does anybody know if it is possible to check that all the items any list located in cells of a Repeating Group are contained in a Custom State list?


Saved my day. Thanks a lot!!