Search Probability %

Hi there.

So I am making a search function on my site, the basic functionality is that you search for a name in the box, it sends the query from the input to another page with the details in. The RG then searches for any Person where any field contains the query. Achieved this by Forename, Lastname, and Fullname fields.

I want to now integrate a filtering tool to my search page, where I can filter my search down by things like Date of Birth, Birthplace, Ethnicity, Sex, etc…

Let’s take an example now…

I search for a John Doe, I know he is born in London so I place that into the Birthplace section then filter my results. I want to be able to display a probability percentage on how likely the cell’s Person is compared to who I’m (probably) looking for.

In the future, I want to also link my RG up to search for vehicles, locations, and whatnot and I’d still like my % to show up.

Is this even possible? How would I go about it?