Search results page failing to show listings in deployment and version control mode

Hi. I seem to have a search result issue on my platform.

The problem is the expected platform listings that are well within the set distance are failing to show up on the search result page.

Any idea what is causing this?
Any specific plugins needed?
Please assist. Your prompt reply and help is greatly appreciated.

Below are the screenshots.

image.png1920×1080 215 KB

image.png1920×1080 242 KB

Best Regards

You have two databases: one for development version and one for live version. Do you know if you have data in your live database?

Hi there.

How do i check data in live mode? Can you guide me step by step?

I’ve already deployed my app online. There are listings posted but search results fails to show it.

My app is currently on deployment and version control, not live mode.

I just checked my live database.

The listings data are in it. All there.

When an app is already deployed online with its own url, do we need to install any specific plugins for geolocation to work?

The problem is my deployed app is still failing to display the expected listings on the result page when i click on search. Previously, when it was in testing stage, it displays the listings within the set distance range.

Been troubleshooting it since yesterday night but still unsuccessful as you can see.


Do you know the root cause?