Search that also checks fields of a data type that contain text

Does anyone know if there is a plugin or workaround in Bubble to conduct a search of the following nature

You are searching for a data type restaurants. There is another data type in the app called menus and the restaurant data type has a field with a list of menus. The menu has a list field of menu items and finally those menu items are a data type with a price number field and a name text field.

Is it possible to search for a restaurants that match the menu name field by navigating these layers of the hierarchy?

Or should I just add a list of texts field onto my restaurant data type and call it texts and whenever information is added to it for example a menu item, the restaurant data type will also add a text field of that menu item’s name? Or even one big text field that constantly get’s appended with text when new menu items are added to the menu that belongs to that restaurant?

Thanks guys, perhaps this might help others if we have a clear idea of the best way to make information very searchable within Bubble