Search through googlesheet data and return a given number

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I am very new to and currently loving it. I am in the final strokes of putting together a Fishing League where I can record the Location of the fishing, the fish caught, its weight range i.e. 1>5lb, 5>10lb , who caught it and an image of it.
I have a number of datatypes where data is stored and extracted from, however I am stuck trying to working out the calculations side of things.
When I record a catch I would like to have a points scored retrieved from a googlesheet I have connected to.
This googlesheet has 7 columns, Fish (Name), 1>5lb, 5>10lb, 10>15lb, 15>20lb, 20>30lb and >30lb. each fish has a different points awarded to each weight. I can Add rows to this sheet, but cannot retrieve data.
I have a page with 2 drowpdowns, Type (with a list of fish types) and Weight (with a list of weight ranges). I also have a text input that I would like to display the correct point awarded for this fish from the googlesheet after Type and Weight have been selected but for the life of me I cannot work this out.

Apologies for the verbose explanation.



This could require some much more advanced bubble knowledge (I could be wrong, but my guess is if there is no obvious way to retrieve the data, you likely need to make an api call by creating an api integration with google sheets.

There is an example of how to do that with the twitter api usi pathfix. You would do all of the same things but just link with google sheets instead of twitter. Watch the 13 min video in the link here:

If you’re super new to bubble though, this will be challenging. But maybe I am super overcomplicating things and there is a much easier way to do this. I just haven’t looked into it at all.

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Thank you for your reply. Apologies for the tardy response. I think I may be over complicating things here. All I am trying to do is any time a fish is caught points are given to that angler. The points are set for different types of fish at different weights
Fish 1>5lb, 5>10lb, 10>15lb, 15>20lb, 20>30lb and >30lb.
Carp 1 2 3 4 5 10
Bream 1 3 5 10
(8 fish in total) (I hope that formatted right)

Also the fish weight is added from a dropdown list using static choices 1>5lb, 5>10lb, 10>15lb, 15>20lb, 20>30lb and >30lb.

Is there an easier way to achieve this without using API’s?



The simplicity of what you’re trying to do is irrelevant. The only fact that matters is you trying to write this data to a google sheet. The “writing to the google sheet” part is where (likely) the api is required as per my original post.

A way around this might be to save the data in your bubble database to a csv which gets saved somewhere in your google drive and then that csv is what you open when you go into google sheets. Every time a new entry is made, the csv gets overwritten. I’m not saying this will definitely work as I’ve never used bubble to create csvs but I’m certain there are plugins that will do this.

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