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Hey all - I need to make an autocomplete where the data (just text items) numbers around 3,000 items. I can get this data via a simple SQL query in my database.

It seems like I cannot get data from an external API for the search box – so is the best option to fetch from the bubble database? This would mean POSTing to the bubble API periodically from a python script, etc. Is this the best way?

Hey drfalken,

3000 items is not a lot so doing it the way you proposed seems like a good option. Maybe you can increase the performance using Algolia.

Another option would be to use the plugin “ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete” from Zeroqode, easy to configure, check their demo and editor site or this tutorial from Buildcamp. You cannot use Bubble’s search element it seems so you might have use a text input together with a repeating group, a multidropdown or another solution to get close to the autocomplete look&feel.

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