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Hey guys! I have a question about searching and combining records. I have the following Database structure with fields listed:


  • Available Policies (linked to Policy)
  • Conditions (list of linked Condition)
  • Prescriptions (list of linked Prescription)


  • Name
  • Insurance Carrier (linked to Insurance Carrier)
  • Declined Conditions (list of linked to Policy Condition)
  • Description

Policy Condition

  • Condition (linked to condition)
  • Prescription (linked to prescription)
  • Allow or Decline (“Allow” or “Decline”)
  • Policy (linked to Policy)

Insurance Carrier

  • Name


  • Name


  • Name

My app is allowing users to fill out a form and select different conditions. On the last step, I am attempting to generate a list of policies that are allowed by removing all policy options that are Declined from their selected Condition & Prescription list on the “Search” record. Each Policy has a set of allowed or Declined “conditions” or “Policy Condition: records.

The search process is stepped, so each step adds the field values into the “Search” record. I have everything figured out except this last step for finding available policies based on the “Condition” & “Prescription” added to the search record.

Any recommendations for compiling a formula/workflow when the “find available policies” button is clicked to actually find the correct policy based on the searching requirements I need?

This may help

Here is a visual of the tables and how they would “inner link”. Need to add available policies in a list for search record, checking to make sure the conditions & prescriptions are “allowed” from the policy conditions and therefore add that policy to the available policies list on the search record.

I think you have the data pretty much spot on, although I am not sure what the Search thing is for. It may make the search saveable/easier to manage I guess?

So my suggestion is that the search does …

Search for Policies where the conditions are allowed. So get this bit working first.

It will probably be an Advanced Filter, so where “this condition” (the list they have selected - maybe on a custom state) is “allowed” and “is in” list.

Then get a search where the opposite is true so “this condition” is “Decline”.

Once you have them both working on a test page…

Do a :minus list of the second list on the first.

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Thanks @NigelG ! I followed a very similar path with the policy conditions and comparing them to the selected conditions that then removes the “Declined” Policy Conditions and was able to get it to work perfectly!

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