Searchable Photo Database

Hi all,

I want to make a simple app, its a searchable map.

I got maps (pdf/png files) of my building, I want someone to be able type in a search bar for “mail room” then the png file pops up below the search bar with the highlighted room.

I would assume I have to make a separate file for each highlighted room.

Basically a search bar that will display a certain png file based on whatever the user types in.

Any ideas?

You can use option sets to do this. Make a group, and add a text input element. Also add an image element below. Set the image element source to “get an option” and the constraint would be the input’s value. Make an option set with the respective images and room names.

You can also use a search box instead of the text input.

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You don’t have to use option sets. You can instead put the images in the DB, but the idea is similar. Define a new Type that includes an image field and a caption field. The constraint would now be caption = input’s value.

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Thank you! I’ll try it out.

So my question is, the input value would be whatever the person types in the search correct?

That’s right.

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Now how do I connect that search box to the database and make the image display below the search bar? Sorry for the simple questions…

There should be two Fields for the Data Type (or option set): a text, caption; and an image. The image element’s source should be set to “Do a search for” (or get option), and the constraint should be caption = input’s value.

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