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I have been struggling with this for a while and I can not seem to find out the answer. Here is the scenario: I am creating a website that allows people to sell and buy things. The issue is that the search bar is not working. Here are the pictures: Don’t mind the items. They were tests so they don’t make sense.

Issue: When I search up Toast, it gives me a dropdown of the actual item named “Toast” but when I click on it, it brings the whole list of items which makes no sense.
Also, when i type something in the search bar and click away-it erases what I types up

What I want: Is to be able to search for an item, I am not limited to 1 item in the drop down but I have several options. Like eBay. You don’t type camera and get only one, you get all that include a piece of the word “camera” in it. I am not a coder

Not have the search bar delete everything when I click away from it

Searchbox parameter
1 !


The Results for typing toast

List of Items display parameters


The main issue here is the element you’re using. That searchbar is meant to return items that match your search expression in the auto-complete portion only. Selecting one means you’re choosing that specific item.

You’re better off using a regular input so that a user can freely type in whatever they want and your repeating group can go off of that.

OR, you can try out the Search & Autocorrect plugin, which is a combo of both. Here’s a video that should help understand the setup:

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