Searchbox a name in airtable and return result in the RG

Hi Everyone,

sorry if this has been addressed already but pulling my hair right now.

Is it possible to search for a value (e.g. a name) in an airtable base and return the result in a repeated group containing the data of this specific base.

In other words, I am trying to filter airtable data via an input form/searchbox and return the filtered data in the RG.

Thank you.

Hi @attia.azab,

Have you tried a filter similar to this one?

In your case, the constraint would be more like AirtableName contains SearchValue or something. You also wouldn’t want the :firstitem on the right side because you want the full list to return.

Thanks for your reply.
Does not seem to work. Your suggestion seems to add filter on the group or RG directly.
My use case is more having a search box and whenever the input of the search box change, we would filter the RG to show data from airtable that contains the searchbox input.

Alternatively if filtering based on the change of input is a challenge, it could happen following a click on a but next to the search box.

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@attia.azab Having the same question here. Meanwhile, have you found out?

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