Searchbox drop down on click - Possible?

Hi - is there a way to have a searchbox dropdown and show all results (no filter) when clicked just like a drop down list would. In other words I would like the option to type in the search field OR just click it and display everything with no filter.


There’s two plugin that already exist: Selectize and a new one based on Select 2 (Ithink it’s called select dropdown). For Selectize, you can increase the # of options to display to show them all

Thanks - I’m using the Selectize one and there’s a bug thats causing items to disappear from the list when “enter” is selected so I’m trying to find a workaround to that.

Yes. Working on a fix for that. Can you confirm you are updating options available from another dropdown selection?

Confirmed. The contents of the selectize drop down are determined by a selection from another drop down.

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