SearchBox - DropDown list question


I’ve set a Searchbox to select my customers name and auto complet some fields…

My search is set for searching any field with Searchbox Typed text in my customers table.
When I have two customers with the same matching name, the dropdown list display :

Customer Name
Customer Name (1)
Customer Name (2)

Screenshot attached.

My question is : How can i set it to Display the Name and the FirstName or others fields in the dropdown list ?

By the way, just starting tu use Bubble, and what a powerfull tool it is ! Great job guys !


I want to know that too. Summoning @NigelG :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you check out this plugin the Search & Autocorrect Plugin? Could it be what you are looking for?

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I think you would have to build an “index” table and use that instead of the actual table.

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Can you give a bit more detail? I’m a bit lost on what track to follow. Unaware how to do that.

It depends on what you are trying to do, but you can create another table that contains the concatenated data you want to search for, and have it point to the right record.

Alternatively, you can concatenate first name + surname in the table, and search on that. ALthough you still may get duplicates.

What do you refer to when you say “table”. Is it an element? Is it some sort of external database? How do I create one or “another” table? Sorry for being this level of lost. :confused:

I believe he is referring to what Bubble calls a Data Type.

So, for your original question, you probably have a table (aka Data Type) with fields like:
first name:
last name:
vehicle: which is probably a list of vehicles

One of Nigel’s suggestion is to create another field type called full name where you would concatenate (aka put 2 fields together).

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This is illuminating, thank you! Didn’t knew that way of doing things.