Searchbox:first item empty value

Hello Bubble community !

I’m new to Bubble and I’m struggling with the following :

I have a searchbox_localisation in index page displaying cities in France. When the user selects a city, he is redirected to a search results page displaying all the licences for sale in this particular city.

I would like to display all major cities and automatically fill this searchbox when a city is selected.

I have tried to use custom states and passing data via URL parameters but I’m struggling.

When the searchbox_location is filled by user in index page, the data is correctly passed to the search results page, the first item trick provides a correct value and URL for Paris is :

When the Paris group is clicked, the first item trick is empty and URL for Paris is :

I feel that it’s a text vs value issue but I really don’t know how to solve this !

What if you use conditional on the searchbox “when Get data from page url is not empty”…?

Hi Bartek !
Thanks for your reply ! But I don’t really understand how to implement your advice and how it can solve my issue :confused:
Could you kindly be more specific on the next steps ?
Many thanks !

Could you show the screenshot of the Search for Departments? What kind of constraints do you have there?

Also the issue could be that the 2 action step is go to page which could reset the state you set in step 1.

Only constraint is Departement = Get localisation from URL

When the parameters are directly taken from the searchbox on the index page, the go to page action does not reset step 1

hmmm so I think the issue is is that Default Value is set on the page load

on the screenshot below: check again if “Search for Departments” have the right contraint

If the constraint is not there - then try to setup the searchbox value like this, with the use of conditionals

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