Searchbox: How to use field to display


Here’s what I see in the Reference of Searchbox.

But here’s what I see in my editor in Bubble.

Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 12.48.20 AM

Few questions here:

  • How do I choose to search across all indexed fields? I don’t see an option for that
  • How do I know or define what are the indexed fields?
  • Can I select which fields get searched in? (Right now the interface seems to support selecting just one field)
  • How do I get the option of “Field to display”?


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hi, with searchbox this is not possible.
Try the search autocorrect plugin, detailed in this video.

alternatively have an input on your site
set a repeating groups data source to:
do a search for things: and as constraint have: any field contains your inputs value.

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Thanks @TipLister. I’ll try the plugin you mentioned.

However, it is weird that it doesn’t work in Searchbox, as what I have shared is a screenshot of Searchbox documentation itself.