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Searchbox or ZQFuzzy Using Things'Thing as constraint

Hey folks,

I’m working on implementing the ideal functionality for a SearchBox as part of a new social feature on our platform.

Users can create lists, and each user can have multiple lists as well as be a part of multiple lists created by others.

I need a search feature that lets a user find a Profile by “name” from any list owned by that user. The search should be case-insensitive and ideally offer fuzzy matching or similarity-based results.

The SearchBox in Bubble offers excellent UX but limits me to defining a single source list via the “Do a Search for” function. From what I understand, the source for my scenario should be “Do a Search for List (constraint: Owner is Current Profile)—each item’s Members.”

I’ve looked into using ZQ Fuzzy Search (from @ZeroqodeSupport ) and it seems to be the best solution I’ve found so far. However, I’m concerned about its potential performance impact, as it fetches all content to perform client-side searching, right? The UX also isn’t ideal; it requires presenting matches in a repeating group for users to select from, but it works.

Do any of you have alternative suggestions or insights? Thanks in advance!